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New Heat! Check Out Taylor’s Theme

The queen of country gets her very own trap anthem! This one’s a freebie for all of my fans, so check it out and download it on my Facebook page. Taylor’s Theme brings Taylor Swift into the dirty south, so get your subwoofers out and get ready to twerk. We are never getting back together… like ever.

Check out the video below, and fan me on Facebook for a freebie!


BOOM! CounterParty’s Got A Website!

  Hey guys,   After bedroom producing for years, I’ve finally buckled down and spent some time to get a social presence. I’ll be running the Facebook page through my new Twitter account, talking about the latest tracks I’m working on, new gigs you can find me DJing at, and a whole lot of awesome random crap. So yeah… this is pretty much just a short intro to get the ol’ blog started, but I plan on opening up a YouTube channel as well where I’ll show tutorials, my latest songs or whatever you guys want to know.   Cheers, -JR